Privacy statement

1. Information that is needed for becoming a member

Ultimate Frisbee Twente (can be further called: the association, we and us), makes every effort to protect your privacy. In this privacy statement, we will explain how we handle your personal details. We process personal details in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Since Ultimate Frisbee Twente is an association that is officially recognized by the University of Twente (can also be called UT onward), we collect and use information while making use of the Privacy Statement made by the UT. When people fill in the registration form, they declare that they agree with the privacy statement of the association. 

We can collect the following information for member administration purposes:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address, including: street, house number, city and zip code and country
  • Email address(es) (possible to provide both your educational- and own email)
  • Phone number
  • Educational institute’s name
  • Educational institute’s student-/ employee number
  • IBAN (and sometimes a BIC number for non-Dutch bank accounts)
  • Registration number
  • Signature for SEPA mandate (for direct debits, Dutch: incasso’s)

2. Digital and non-digital data storage

The association uses this information to get payments, contact you about activities or a digital newsletter, other organizational information, and for mandatory administration in the UT’s Student Union. The information is only accessible to people from the current and upcoming board. The personal information will not be distributed to third parties besides the mandatory Student Union administration. The digital information will be protected on encrypted auto-updated servers and access is only provided to the board members with multiple factor authentication for administration purposes only. Any non-digital information is stored in a physical safe locked by a numerical code. 

After you resign from the association, your information will be stored and protected for two years. Then all personal identifiable information will be destroyed, and only stored statistics for that year will remain (e.g. the amount of members). Keep in mind that the association has to store financial information for at least 7 years, as required by Dutch (tax) laws.

3. Website and social media

Besides the information mentioned above, it was decided to ask permission to post photos and videos for promotion purposes (e.g. on social media) with the use of a consent statement for data processing. The statement has been distributed among the current members and gave the possibilities to agree or make objections. If people would make an objection about certain information being shared, we gave them the possibility to tell the board physically or by (e)mail (contact details are on the bottom of the website), to delete this information. When wanting to delete your personal information that is used for administration purposes, you have to resign as a member and request that your data is destroyed immediately. This can be done by emailing us, or approaching one of the board members.

As an association, we declare that we never pass on personal data to other parties with whom we do not have concluded a Data Processing Agreement.

When using the website of the association, there can be some analytical measurements. This information can include IP addresses. This will never be shared with third parties. The website can store cookie information, this is only being used for functional purposes, e.g. for logging in of the website, and storing personal preferences of the website.

Any questions regarding your personal information or this policy can be mailed to us by:

4. Declaration of consent concerns data processing

We would like to inform you about the association, sport activities,offers, etc. for proper functioning of our association. Further, we would like to publish game/ training schedules, results and sometimes audio and video materials from you on the internet, apps and social media. If you agree with this form, you give us permission to use your data theretofore. 

If you accept the declaration of consent, Ultimate Frisbee Twente (further: (the) association) gets the permission to process the data. 

4.1 Permission is given to the association for the data processing given below:

  • Approach me for sport activities from third parties, for example other sport associations or social service providers.
  • Publish audio and video material from me on the internet: TransIP, our web hosting at the UT, and social media: Instagram, YouTube
  • Make my name available for other members in a closed online environment where it is also possible to communicate in a forum
  • To approach you for a special event, or reunion after the termination of your membership.

If granted on the membership contribution form, depending on the given permission it is possible to do either or both of the following:

  • Upload pictures of members to our website, visible only by logged in members 
  • Upload pictures of members to our social media without explicit permission

The declaration of consent only counts for the reasons, data and organizations given and described above. For new data processing you will be informed at least four weeks in advance of the execution of the new processing. You will have three weeks after publishing of the new data processing to the object. If an objection has been lodged, the new data processing has to be approved at the general member assembly. 

A declaration of consent can be withdrawn at any time. Keep in mind that you can always contact the board to remove certain personal information or photos that are shared on social media. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the website.

5. Website Forum Environment

In the Forum environment, it is possible to:

  • Chat with other members of the association
  • Look at pictures made during trainings or other activities
  • Create threads in the forum and react to other people’s threads
  • Look at an agenda of activities

A registration will be done by one of the board members. We will store the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address

6. Questions?

Any questions regarding your personal information or this policy can be mailed to us by: